Pregnancy Massage

Massage assists you and your baby to be happy and healthy during pregnancy, labour and post-natal.

Kevin completed Julie Willoughby’s in-depth course in Pregnancy, Labour and Post Natal Massage Therapy in 2001.   During his massage career he has enjoyed massaging hundreds of women throughout their pregnancies, including labour, and post natal.

Regular massage during your pregnancy:

  • Decreases back pain
  • Reduces joint pain
  • Improves circulation
  • Eases oedema, swelling and discomfort in arms and legs
  • Reduces muscle tension and headaches
  • Lowers stress and anxiety
  • Improves oxygenation of soft tissues and muscles
  • Aids better sleep
  • Promotes deep relaxation
  • Supports a loving and nurturing bond between mother and baby

Pregnancy massage techniques during second and third trimesters are received:

  • Lying on left and right sides
  • Left lateral tilt
    – placing rolled blanket / towel or wedge under the right side,
    – this prevents the uterus from pressing on the aorta or vena cava and causing Supine Hypotension Syndrome;
  • Fowler’s Position
    – upper section of table raises or a wedge is used to support a woman in semi sitting position,
    – prevents Supine Hypotension Syndrome

We love to see the new babies in our clinic as they sleep peacefully while mum gets her massage. Fathers also benefit from regular massage before and after the birth of their beautiful baby.

Brunswick Heads Pregnancy Massage
Some Testimonals
“Enjoyed massage. Relaxed. I should have received this earlier in my pregnancy!”
Naomi, Physiotherapist, Mitchelton, Queensland
“More like an experience than a massage. My baby and I enjoyed the energy circles.”
Kamaia, Highgare Hill, Queensland