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What has massage to do with self love?

We generally choose to receive a massage to relieve pain, improve movement in our joints, release stiffness, recover from emotional and mental stress, and relax. A very precise way Generally with remedial massage, I work in a very precise way isolating edges of muscles, fascial adhesions, fascial lines of pull, fascia bunching, areas of [...]

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The importance of awareness and massage

Why is body awareness important and how can massage help the awareness of your body? We live in a society where we are recognised and rewarded for our function or what we do. Our education system, our working life and our relationships promote and encourage our doingness. Hardly surprising with all this emphasis on function [...]

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Foot pain and plantar fasciitis

Foot pain and plantar fasciitis I regularly see people with foot pain that is very debilitating making their first steps in the morning excruciating and walking any distance very difficult. Arch strain and plantar fasciitis are the most common diagnosis. All of these are caused by biomechanical disturbances. The most prescribed treatments are ice, rest, [...]

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Why are we ticklish?

Ticklish clients In my clinical experience I have met hundreds of people who are very sensitive to being touched on certain parts of their bodies. The massage strokes feel to them like they are being tickled and they either tightened their bodies or squirmed with violent reactions to the touch. In attempting to understand their [...]

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Constipation and Chi Nei Tsang

Constipation Constipation is a common condition effecting the digestive system. Associated symptoms can include bloating, tiredness, reflux, nausea and increased gas. One way to support the healthy movement of your large intestine is Chi Nei Tsang - abdominal organ massage. According to the Centre of Digestive Diseases in Sydney “The causes of constipation include medications [...]

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Excruciating pain in her jaw

The story of the surprising cause of her jaw pain. In 2003, I went along to a massage course in the beautiful hinterland of the Queensland Sunshine Coast. At this course I met a woman who was feeling miserable and experiencing a lot of pain in her jaw. This is a story about how I [...]

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Is Chi Nei Tsang your abdomen’s best friend?

Chi Nei Tsang One of the massage treatments I have learnt is called Chi Nei Tsang or internal organ chi massage. Could Chi Nei Tsang be your abdomen's best friend. In Giles Marin's book Healing From Within with Chi Nei Tsang, he writes 'Chi Nei Tsang was developed a long time ago by Chinese Taoists [...]

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The importance of our ribs

Our ribs are a vital and often neglected part of our bodies. Our ribs are an under reported and rarely discussed part of our body.  Through a very painful injury however I learnt just now important they are to our health. Six years ago I was swinging on a rope attached to a tree. I [...]

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