Why work with Kevin?

There are numerous massage therapists, health and well-being professionals out there, so what makes me so different?

I support people in caring for their bodies and to develop the awareness and responsibility needed for true health and vitality.

My attributes:

a)  I am highly educated and skilled in massage, human anatomy and physiology, musculoskeletal pathology, assessment and treatment.

b)  Since 1989 I have worked full time giving remedial massages to over 18,000 people as well as for seven years lecturing in massage therapy-related subjects and supervising the remedial therapy students’ clinic at the Australian College of Natural Medicine in Brisbane and on the Queensland Gold Coast

c) As well as operating my own private massage practice, I have worked in four medical and physiotherapy centres in Brisbane, in the renal unit of the Royal Brisbane Hospital as well as delivering lectures for Sports Medicine Australia and the Queensland Academy of Sport.  I undertook work experience at the Australia Institute of Sport in Canberra, ACT.

For more information about my professional experience, visit My Professional Life

d) and importantly because of the way I live I am able to reflect consistently back health and vitality.

I am committed to a high level of health and constantly re-connect to myself as a tender and loving man.

I practice the gentle breath meditation that helps me to stay connected to my inner-heart and soul.  Self care and self love guide the movements I make in life whether these are my thoughts, actions or words.

I enjoy the beautiful home and land where I live.  I enjoy my work giving massages and supporting people to be who they truly are.  I eat food that nourishes me and avoid foods that dull and dampen me and create artificial highs and lows.  I see the essence in all human beings and treat them with decency and respect.  I have supportive friends and enjoy actively participating in community service in the Byron Shire and the Lismore Shire.

My growing awareness and appreciation of self and others is a foundation that is increasing my responsibility, honesty, openness and transparency.

These qualities allow me to accept you and to communicate without judgement or criticism.  My enthusiasm for life and respect for humanity helps to inspire people around me to live from a place of self care and self love.

I am very kinaesthetic and enjoy touch and connecting with human beings.  I am fascinated by human beings and I know our naturalness is love.

And finally, I have a warm and wonderful sense of humour, a compassionate heart, a gentle nature, and an integrity that allows me to create a safe and supportive space for you.

Brunswick Heads Massage
Brunswick Heads Massage
We are all love and our responsibility is to live the love we truly are.
Serge Benhayon

Over two years ago I was having great difficulty sleeping in comfort – being forced to sleep only on my back.

After only one rub from Kevin Fitzgerald, my quality of sleep improved dramatically allowing me to sleep normally without pain.

Since this initial visit, I have been massaged every two weeks and as a consequence the stiffness of my muscles has completely disappeared and my muscle tissue has regained its form and resilience.

I would not be without regular therapeutic massage.”

Keith Mapp, McDowell, Quesnsland, Australia

I wish to express my opinion as to the character and workmanship of Kevin Fitzgerald.

He has treated me after I broke my ankle and I can honestly say the relief and benefit I received was wonderful.

I would recommend him to everybody.

Well done, Kevin.”

Ron Power, Mitchelton, Queensland, Australia

Kevin is very good at his chosen profession of massage. He is also a caring and helpful person.

I would certainly recommend him.”

Bill Lenehan, Albany Creek, Queensland, Australia

“ I first saw Kevin after I had a pinched nerve in my back which gave me a partially useless leg. After 6 weeks of physio, the condition was getting worse instead of better. I has some acupuncture carried out and was recommended that this be supplemented by Kevin’s massages. After a couple of weeks of acupuncture, it was left up to Kevin and I was walking freely within a month and have not looked back – excuse the pun.

Since then I have some shoulder issues and am seeing Kevin. I have no doubt that he will work his magic on that too.

I highly recommend his skills.”

John Watson, Myocum, New South Wales, Australia

Kevin is a very knowlegeable,intuitive, therapeutic practitioner who treats you in a sensitive way. He listens to you but also is able to identify the areas that need treatment that you may not have realised. Kevin is able to help with preventative exercises if required. I highly recommend him for any condition!

Christine Harvey Aungle, Brunswick Heads, New South Wales, Australia