Who are My Clients?

I have achieved excellent outcomes for many different types of clients – in hospitals, natural therapies practices, private medical and physiotherapy practices and as sole practitioner. My clients are typically people who want to make changes in their bodies and their lives so they experience more ease and vitality. People who want less pain and less stiffness.

Since 1985, I’ve given over 17,000 massages and undertaken extensive study of the human body and human psychology from many cultures and traditions to discover how humans can move with ease and vitality and experience less pain and less stiffness.

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You maybe a potential client if:

You are seeking assistance to relieve physical pain, stiffness, congestion and fatigue caused by postural strain, illness, injury, emotional and mental fatigue, or physical exhaustion.  You may also be needing relaxation and nurturing and time to connection with your body and yourself.   One of my skills is to see and feel fascial tension and adhesions that restrict the function of your muscles, joints and organs and adversely affect the smooth running of all systems of your body.   Another skill is to identify the causes of imbalance and how to support your body in returning to ease and harmony.  These causes are generally a mix of how we physically, mentally and emotionally engage in life as well as our relationship with our personality, our spirit and our soul.

My experience is that when our physical body moves with ease and harmony we make more loving choices in the thoughts we think, the actions we make and words we speak.  This movement is influenced by the gentleness of our breath and our connection to our inner-heart.