How I work

I combine my extensive knowledge and experience of human beings, massage, touch, yoga and exercise with the important knowledge and experience that you, the client, has of your body and your life.

This approach allows us to collaborate as a team and work in a way that produces amazing results neither of us could achieve on our own.

Each person has contained within their body the whole history of their life since and before conception.  My highly developed understanding of human body communication and my ability to articulate this to my clients allows them to learn how their body communicates and then access and utilise the history and wisdom stored in their body.

Since the body never lies, this body wisdom is used as a powerful guide to treatment. The result is quicker and more effective healing. Added bonuses are that you feel empowered and you embody the changes since you have been actively involved in your treatment and have learnt more about your body and yourself.

Brunswick Heads Massage

An assessment is made to help formulate a treatment plan with you.  The assessment can be brief or extensive depending on your needs.  Assessment can include history taking; previous treatment; reading X-ray, CT Scan and MRI reports; orthopaedic testing; body reading; postural assessment; palpation and visual observation.

The treatment plan may include massage, exercise prescription, information for understanding your body, and self help strategies.   Referral to medical doctors and other health practitioners for further assessment or treatment is recommended when necessary.  As mentioned above, I value suggestions you give me about your body and life experiences.  Your input is vitally important.

Exercise prescription and self help strategies available to you are based on my 40 years personal experience training as an athlete and a student/teacher of yoga; 28 years of clinical experience and client feedback; as well as extensive study about the physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and soulful aspects of human beings.